A Career You Can Be Proud Of

Coming home at the end of the day, you want to feel satisfied by the work you’ve done.

A Career You Can Be Proud Of

Length: 0:31 | Transcript: A Career You Can Be Proud Of

You want to know you can be proud of the contribution you make to your community.

More than that, you want to feel valued for doing that work and doing it well.

That’s the kind of job satisfaction that comes from being a Corrections Officer, because working with the Department of Corrections can provide a great, stable career for anyone who shows they’ve got the right skills.

We look for responsible team players who know how to communicate proactively, with a level head. In the past, we’ve hired people who successfully developed those skills in all sorts of other industries before applying them to their new career.

So whether you’re interested in quickly being promoted, or simply being able to provide well for your family, this is a career switch you can get underway in weeks – not years.

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