Frequently asked questions about careers in Corrections.

1. How long does the application and hiring process typically take?

Your availability to attend each phase of the hiring process will determine how long your application takes. On average, completing all steps of the process takes four to eight weeks.

2. Will I be hired before or after the academy?

All recruits are hired as Corrections Officer Trainees before beginning their Corrections Academy training, but only after completing all other parts of the hiring process.

3. Will I be paid during the Corrections Academy?

Yes, you will be paid as a Corrections Officer Trainee beginning from your official hire date. Once you graduate from Corrections Academy and complete the minimum six months of employment, you will be paid as a fully-certified Corrections Officer. Health and dental benefits come into effect the first of the month, following 30 days of employment.

4. If hired, will I have a choice of which DOC facility to work at?

While we make an effort to take employee choice into consideration, new Corrections Officers will be assigned to a facility and schedule according to the Department’s needs. Over time you will gain seniority and can seek opportunities to move between facilities and job duties, through a seniority-based lateral process.

5. How many hours per week will I be working?

Corrections Officers and Trainees are scheduled for 40 hours per week (80 hours bi-weekly), and work overtime as needed. Thus the total number of hours worked each week will vary, depending on how many overtime shifts you work.

6. How soon, and how often, will I be paid?

New Hampshire State employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Due to a delayed payroll system, you will receive your first full paycheck after your first four weeks of employment.


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