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Electrician Supervisor II

Correctional Line Electrician Supervisor II

Position number(s): #12940


Performs installation and repairs, and has knowledge of the Codes related to the electrical trade for the NH Department of Corrections and performs related work as required, working in close and immediate contact with prisoners on a daily basis, having responsibility for security.


  • Provides security, training and supervision for inmate maintenance workers in the electrical trade.
  • Supervises inmate workers in the installation of electrical systems and repairs electrical deficiencies while insuring that all work is in accordance with applicable codes.
  • Prepares cost quotes, estimates and maintains a supply of frequently used electrical parts in stock for the purpose of completing repairs.
  • Possesses the knowledge that enables him/her to write detailed specifications for electrical systems and has the ability to read blue prints and schematics.
  • Responsible for the operation of the maintenance, electrical shop which includes the promotion of the safe use of tools and equipment.
  • Requires physical effort in intermittent standing, walking, stooping and climbing involving occasional strenuous positions with work being performed under a variety of climatic conditions.


Education: High School diploma, G.E.D., or its equivalent, plus a standard apprenticeship under a Master Electrician.

Experience: Three years experience as a licensed journeyman Electrician, including two years as a supervisor.

License/Certification: Licensure as a Master Electrician and possession of Commercial driver’s license for class C vehicles if required for performing electrician duties.

Special Requirements: Successful completion of the Corrections Academy and continuing Certification as correctional line personnel as established by the certifying authority.


The supplemental job description lists typical examples of work and is not intended to include every job duty and responsibility specific to a position. An employee may be required to perform other related duties not listed on the supplemental job description provided that such duties are characteristic of that classification.

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